Quality Driven, Customer Focused, & Experienced Full-Service Injection Molding

For over 50 years Moldamatic has been focused on providing our customers with world class injection molded plastic products and services. We are a quality driven, customer focused, and experienced full-service injection molder. Our customers range from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

In fact, our multi-faceted Management Team brings a wealth of proven industry experience and knowledge to your plastics and injection-molding requirements. We serve multiple vertical industries and have historically been proven to be very competitive in today’s demanding marketplace offering a myriad of injection molded solutions.

Moldamatic, LLC prides itself on all our services being available under one roof. When our customer’s take advantage of this option we are better able to maintain a standard of quality that surpasses our competitors. However, we are with our customer through every step of the process, whether they decide to stay in house or outsource to one of our trusted offshore partners. This has allowed us to build long lasting relationships with our customers and provide them with:

  • Greater Quality Control
  • Immediate Response to RFQs
  • Faster Product Turnaround
  • Quicker and More Effective Response to Problems
  • A Single Client Contact

History of Moldamatic

FNX360Moldamatic, LLC was founded in 1967 by William Spolar with two injection presses, venture capital, and a small base of customers. William had recognized the importance of plastic and took his expertise in metal tool and die design and started to design plastic injection molding.
At that time, we offered engineering, mold building, the production of parts, and custom services that we could gear towards any industry. For over ten years we worked on gaining our foothold in the business community under our founder.

In 1976 William Spolar passed away. His son, William A. Spolar became the President of Moldamatic. Together with his sister and Vice President in an advisory role Mary Anne, William A. Spolar continued to grow the company to become what his father had envisioned.

Moldamatic Today

Today, Moldamatic, LLC has grown from a small custom injection molder into a global player. We do business in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, and the Caribbean. We continue to maintain strong, lasting relationships with our customers and we operate under the same core values we were founded on.

  • Customer Care
  • Versatility
  • Employee Development
  • Continual Quality Improvement.

We strive to be more than just a vendor to our customers. We strive to be an extension of your manufacturing efforts and a partner in your success. We look forward to working together and becoming a part of your organization.