Quality Service & Superior Mold Making

Custom Mold Making – Start to Finish


Every mold making project starts and finishes with a commitment to customer satisfaction. With over 50 years of experience delivering quality molds and maintaining happy customers, we know how important every step of the mold making process is. We have created molds for nearly every industry and are experienced enough to bring even the most complicated project to life.

Our state of the art facility is staffed by 20 fully accredited moldmakers. This enables us to closely monitor your mold making project for quality and accuracy. Our moldmakers have the experience to walk our customers through every step of a project.

As a company, Moldamatic prides itself on staying ahead of the curve. Our state of the art facility uses fully up-to-date moldmaking technology. This allows us to handle all but a few special machine processes in-house. We can take even the most complex designs or drawings and deliver a quality mold ready for production.

Engineering and Design

Designing a mold can be a new skill for many in-house engineers. The requirements can be slightly different than what they are used to. Many companies also don’t need to staff a full time engineer. That is why we offer engineering services for any of our clients.

Our team of engineers has the skill and expertise to take a concept or drawing and make it production ready via CAD software. They have experience working alongside teams of engineers and designers through every step of the process.  This eliminates the cost of additional trial and revisions. Our engineering capabilities include:

  • Conceptual Design Review
  • Product Design Assistance
  • Models
  • Prototype Mold Design

Quality Assurance

We are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. We inspect and test every mold we work on. We want to assure that it not only meets the specifications, but works as intended. Throughout the entire process, we are checking that things are being done correctly and according to plan. Quality isn’t just about the final product, after all. We are there throughout every step of the process.

smartscopeTo Moldamatic, quality is just as important to the mold making process as engineering or production. Our inspection department is just that—a fully functional department that oversees all operations. Our inspection department is responsible for:

  • Receiving Inspection
  • In-process Inspection
  • Final Inspection
  • Inspection Laboratory
  • Customer service Inspection

Quality Assurance Promises:

  • 100% First Article Inspection On Every Cavity At Time Of Initial Mold Sampling
  • Approved Sample Retention
  • Retention Of First And Last Shots On Production For A Minimum Of 1 Year
  • P.C., Dock To Stock, J.I.T. compatibility
  • Customized Inspection Procedures Responsive To Your Needs
  • Mil Standards: MIL-Std-105e MIL-Std-120, MIL-C-45662a, MIL-1-45208a, MIL-Q-9858a
  • Final Audits Prior To Shipment

Our Quality Assured Mold Making Process

  1. Review your concept
    • Whether you have drawing, specs, or sample parts!
  2. Build a quote
    • We provide you with a detailed estimate for cost of labor, tooling, and other production costs.
  3. Establish quality control parameters
    • Not every part is the same, and neither are our quality control procedures! We use your specs and concerns to guide the quality control process.
  4. Create mold
    • We start building, using the quality control procedures, and design specs to produce your custom mold.
  5. Provide sample
    • We check, double check, and triple check before sending you the first sample of your completed product.
  6. Start production
    • Once you are satisfied, we begin production.

Value added services

  • Part Design
  • Prototyping
  • Painting
  • Decorating
  • Plating
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Tool Design
  • Drilling
  • Tapping