Quality Service & Superior Mold Making Capabilities

Every mold-making project starts and finishes with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mold-Making & Production

Custom Mold-Making – Start to Finish

With over 50 years of experience delivering quality molds and maintaining happy customers, we know how important every step of the mold-making process is. We have created molds for nearly every industry and are experienced enough to bring even the most complicated projects to life. Our mold maintenance will keep your molds in proper condition to produce conforming products. We have a database to track the maintenance records of your molds.

Mold-making that’s ahead of the curve.

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State of the Art Facility

Our clients enjoy mold-making equipment and technology that’s fully up-to-date.

Skilled Moldmakers

Our facility is staffed by 20 fully accredited moldmakers with the experience to walk customers through every step of a project.

Expansive In-House Capability

We can take even the most complex designs or drawings and deliver a quality mold ready for production.

Engineering & Design

From Concept to Production-ready

Quality isn’t just about the final product.

We inspect and test every mold we work on to assure that it not only meets the specifications, but works as intended. Throughout the entire process, we are checking that things are being done correctly and according to plan. We are there throughout every step of the process.

Engineering Capabilities

Conceptual Design Review

Product Design Assistance


Prototype Mold Design

Value Added Services

Part Design









Tool Design



Transform the way your molds are made

Greater quality control. Immediate response to RFQs. Faster product turnaround.
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